Terms and Conditions

This agreement contains terms that are specific to students on Academic courses offered at Tamkeen Consultancy Centre and includes general terms and conditions applicable to all students of Tamkeen Consultancy Centre. If you do not fully understand any part of this agreement or are uncertain as to your rights under it, please contact us for assistance.

By registering with Tamkeen Consultancy Centre, you represent that you are of legal age to form a binding contract. You confirm and declare that the information provided in the application is correct and complete and understand that Tamkeen Consultancy Centre is the UAE regional office of School of Business London, which is the approved centre of QUALIFI, ATHE and CMI and the Local Access Point of London School of Marketing.

By signing the application, you agree and confirm that any false information will invalidate your application and you authorise Tamkeen Consultancy Centre to obtain and verify the information concern in this application with any schools, Colleges, universities, employers or any other relevant bodies. You agree and fully aware of that, the fee paid towards your course is non-refundable, and Tamkeen Consultancy Centre has its privilege authority for any special consideration at the sole discretion of Tamkeen Consultancy Centre. You agree that if you wish to discontinue the course, in case after the registration, the fee you paid will be not refunded under any circumstances.

You agree that If any instalment payment is missed, a late payment interest charge of 8% will be charged immediately on the outstanding instalment balance and a late administration fee of AED 300 will be charged for each late instalment and will be payable immediately. Tamkeen Consultancy Centre reserves the rights to reject the application with their discretion without stating any reasons to me. You understand that Tamkeen Consultancy Centre has its right to share with relevant bodies and to use it appropriately as per the discretion of Tamkeen Consultancy Centre. You understand that Tamkeen Consultancy makes available both accredited and non-accredited qualifications and you confirm the status of accreditation/recognition and you are fully satisfied and accept the same for the course you have applied for.

You agree and confirm that Tamkeen Consultancy Centre is not responsible for approval/recognition status with the relevant bodies, government agencies in the respective countries and it may subject to change. Tamkeen Consultancy Centre is registered in UAE as per government norms and they are responsible for offering courses through different mediums and modes in partnership with various institutions and universities in the UK. By signing the application form, you agree that I am abided with the rules and regulations of Tamkeen Consultancy Centre and its partner institutions and universities. The admission to the courses, university progressions are further subject to the terms and condition of the respective universities and awarding bodies and may be subject to change. Tamkeen Consultancy Centre will not be responsible or liable to such changes which may occur in future. You agree and understand that Tamkeen Consultancy Centre will not be responsible for any changes in the recognition and accreditation status of the relevant university or awarding body.

You further agree and understand that as a student who wishes to enrol for the course is expected to confirm the regional accreditation status such as AICTE, NAAC, UGC, MOHESR, MOE etc. from the relevant bodies of their respective countries prior enrolling to the course. You confirm that you are fully aware and have understood and verified the details provided by the Tamkeen Consultancy Centre through the sources available and you are satisfied and confirm your acceptance to the same.

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