This course provides you with an opportunity to get a reputed Masters degree in marketing and innovation. Graduates of any stream having a postgraduate diploma or the necessary work experience who want to have a career in marketing and strategic management can take up this course. This course is aimed at improving your knowledge in strategic marketing by including innovation and design. The Master degree in Marketing and Innovation (Top Up) includes Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. Students should first complete the Qualifi Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership successfully to be received into the MA in Marketing and Innovation (Top-Up) programme.

As a part of this programme, students will be given a chance to attend a Dissertation Workshop in London School of Marketing. This 5-day workshop will provide you with the opportunity to interact with other students and clear doubts which will further enhance your skills.


This masters degree program is aimed at developing the knowledge you already have in marketing. This course will also empower you with potential skills to enhance your work experience further which will enable you to be a competent marketing manager.
This course will broaden your knowledge on international marketing strategy and will further refine your skills on strategic decision making. The main aim of this degree is to enable you to identify and utilise innovative and unique marketing techniques that will enable you to respond immediately to important market changes and to foresee and manipulate these changes that are very important for the empowerment of the employees and achievement of organisational competitive advantage.

We deliver this course via Blended Learning by our partner London School of Marketing (LSM). The Diploma stage is awarded by Qualifi and MA Marketing and Innovation Top-Up is awarded by Anglia Ruskin University.

About Anglia Ruskin University

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About Qualifi

As an Ofqual recognised awarding organisation, Qualifi has built a reputation for supporting relevant skills in a range of job roles and industries including Leadership, Enterprise and Management, Hospitality & Catering, Health and Social Care, Business Process Outsourcing and Public Services. Qualifi is also recognised by the Qualifications in Wales (QiW) and the CCEA (in full) who are responsible for awarding organisation and the quality assurance in both Wales and Northern Ireland. Qualifi is also a signatory to BIS international commitments of quality.


1. UK Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and two years managerial experience OR; five years managerial experience (evaluated on a case-by-case basis)
2. Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma* OR; Applicants without a Level 7 Diploma but holding significant managerial experience will be considered for Advanced Entry on a case-by-case basis.
3. A good command of English


Our Study notes include:
• Course materials that include organised and well-structured lecture notes, practical applications with real-world examples, contextual analyses and case studies that will compel you to apply your insights.

• Online learning platform with access to assessment materials.

• Access to LS Online community which will allow you to be in contact with your peers and share information.

• A well established and extensive e- library that provides study texts and reference books with e-reading facility.

• Documents like Mintel market reports, financial analysis and information regarding company.

• Support for revision with the help of two digital publications.

In addition, you will also get:
• A webinar at the start of the course.
• Guidance for every important project module.
• One on one tutor support.
• Online webinars for helping with exam workshops and assignments


At the end of this Masters programme, you will be able to:

• Build up a framework to study and understand the marketing processes in various types of organisations in different marketing contexts
• Develop logical abilities and practical research on a strategy which is market-oriented, mainly in the development of value propositions related to provider-customer relationships.
• Maintain target on the strategic angle, evaluate, modify and apply transferable marketing concepts and expertise in product management and market development.
• Reflect on data which is market driven from different organisations and use it for strategic marketing decision-making.
• Scrutinise different innovation and creative approaches to service and product design.
• Develop intellectual expertise in the field of marketing management and innovation


Stage 1: Qualifi Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
Students must complete the 8 mandatory units.

Stage 2: MA in Marketing and Innovation (Top-Up)
Shown below are the modules included in the Top-Up programme:


London School of Marketing, our business partner is resolved to provide an excellent learning experience to our students. Apart from the tutor support, you will be given an option to attend face to face workshops. Any undergraduate or post graduate student who wish to enhance his/her understanding of research, method of study and other important study skills can attend these workshops. The workshop is designed to be very interactive as it includes group discussions and various other interactive activities. These workshops also provide the students an opportunity to interact and share their knowledge and experience with their peers.

• Faculty
These workshops are run by London School of Marketing’s expert panel and will give you a chance to interact with other students and ask questions to the tutors which will enhance your skills and knowledge further.

• Visa Requirements
For students who require visa to visit the UK kindly go through the UK visa and immigration website for suitable short term visas. Further details can be found at

• Timetable
There are six separate workshops – each comprising of two entire days of participation in London – to equip students with important research and analysis skills, that will help them to successfully complete their qualifications. It is not mandatory for the students to attend all these workshops. The students are free to attend all six or choose an individual workshop depending upon their interest and requirement.

• Fees
The workshop is organised on demand and hence we charge additional fee. For more assistance, feel free to contact us.

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